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Cat People Tarot
The Wheel of Fortune

Because the Wheel of Fortune relates to the rise and fall of power, it is controlled by The Emperor, who, like the rulers of many ancient civilizations, is regarded by his subjects as being both a man and a god. He is the being in whom all powers converge and from whom all powers radiate. By the force of his personality, he places his imprint upon life throughout the empire. He hold the power of life or death, good or evil, to use as he sees fit. But he knows that in time, he too will decline and die, to be replaced by another who will decline and die in his turn. The Wheel represents the endless cycle of life - birth, growth, maturity, decline, death, rebirth - without beginning or end.

The aura around The Emperor's head and his radial headdress echo the shape of the eternal circle of The Wheel. The two cats within the wheel are posed as a yin-yang symbol which will be reversed as the cycle progresses; one has warm colors, the other has cool colors.

The Cat People Tarot paints a picture of faraway lands trod by mystical archetypes and their feline companions. This deck is a perfect tool for dreamers and idealists, and is a great choice for divining the nature of human imagination. If you would like your own copy of the Cat People Tarot, you can buy it now!