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William Blake Tarot
Four of Science (Repose)

Urizen, "brooding, shut in the deep," drifts in the sea of time and space -- the world of materialism. "In dark secresy" he hides his fantasies in "surgeing sulphureous fluid." Sulfur signifies vital heat and is associated with reason and the male principle; in other words, he suppresses his burning thoughts. The inscription on the print declares, "I labour upwards into futurity." His outstretched arms mimic divinity, but his palms are down-turned -- he is a mock god in exile from his element of air, recuperating from the exertion of his endless tyranny of dispassionate logic and reason.

The William Blake Tarot explores the mystical vision and artistry of the renowned English painter and poet. Through rich interpretations focused on creative undertakings, it has long been the deck of choice for artists, writers, musicians, and thinkers. For more information about this deck, or to buy your own personal copy, go to www.blaketarot.com.